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    Rodzilla is “Edmonton’s Favourite Magician” who has been performing children’s and family magic shows for over 20 years. He has entertained for numerous corporations, schools, professional associations, summer camps, libraries, churches and hundreds of birthday parties.


    As an international performer, Rodzilla has performed in many nations around the world such as: USA, Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Philippines, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The truth is, anyone can do a magic trick, but not everyone can entertain and captivate an audience.


    Rodzilla shows are highly interactive, incredibly entertaining and full of comedy. The shows are always family friendly and will engage your senses and inspire your imagination as he performs the best in magical entertainment!


    Whether on stage or as a roving entertainer, every show can be customized to the specific needs of your event.


    When he’s not performing his magic, Rodzilla will often be writing his amazing children stories. This soon to be published children’s author will be sharing these books filled with memorable characters all around the world.


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    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Birthday KIDS Star in the Show

    Ballooning Creations For Everyone!

    30 / 45 / 60 minute show

    But this isn’t just any show, it’s a show for your child’s special day. That means they’ll be able to star in some of the show’s best moments. A birthday party wouldn't be complete without GIFTS ….

    Booking a birthday use our online portal


     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Magic for the Holidays

    Festive Magical Amazement!

    60 minutes show

    Rodzilla's holiday magic show gains some incredible festive touches each year, and is designed to be the perfect fit for functions big or even small, whether it’s for the kids, adults or families. What better way to celebrate the magic of the season than with a magician for your company party, or other seasonal event.

    Booking a holiday show contact us directly


    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Halloween Bash & Mash

    Rodzilla Spooktacular!

    60 minute show

    Incredibly Goofy, Non Scary or Scary (Depending on the Audience) Halloween Show. Finding a Halloween Magic Show that is right for any audience is not easy to do. However, Rodzilla incorporates the right amount of spookiness depending on the age, while continuing to be incredibly funny and entertaining, safe and memorable. The Show Includes escapes with spooky stories. A French Guillotine (Age Appropriate), You Got Slimed, Multiplying Eyeballs, Growing/Shrinking Head, Frankenstein Lives Again, Halloween Balloon Creations And Much More!

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    School Assemblies


    Having Fun & Learning Something

    Rodzilla performs magic shows at schools, daycares, summer camps, and other day-programs throughout the year. Just like his children’s party shows, these acts are tailored to the age group and size of the audience. You can plan to entertain the younger and older kids in two separate age-targeted shows, or as one large group.


    CALL NOW 780 542 0517

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Adult Shows

    Comedy Entertainment

    Comedy Magic, Mentalism and Escape Artistry

    Rodzilla does adult parties too! Experience Rodzilla as he amps up into adult mode bringing a high energy comedy magic show with mentalism and escape artistry that your audience will love!


    Great for Weddings, Birthday’s, Corporate & Office Parties and what ever you can dream as an event!



    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    No Bull Show!

    Magic and Concert

    Anti Bullying Message School Show

    The Concert and Magic Shows For School Audiences is a special partnered project. Rodzilla is a great magician and musician who has now become the newest addition to the “E Power Concerts School Tour ” series of seasonal tours performing for countless school with a Anti-bullying message of Empowerment.

    An across Western Canada tour brings another layer to the existing Rodzilla show, perfect for the schools to have the right amount of humour, song and engagement getting the kids connecting.


    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Festivals & Community Events

    Our BIG Stage show

    Rodzilla's stage show will delight and amaze hundreds of people at once for a 15, 30 or a 45 minute performance which can be tailored to fit the event schedule. The Magic keeps the guests entertained and attracts families, crowds to festivals and events. Even when roving though a busy crowded event, he will be connecting personally one-on-one with magic, because he’s a family entertainer. His magic is tailored to any event you are planning with shows indoors and outdoors, for large audiences or intimate groups.


    Get in touch today for more information

    CALL NOW 780 542 0517

    Magic Kits &

    Party Loot Bags


    Great Idea for Party Favours

    It's wonderful to watch and see magic before your eyes but even more fun to learn magic …

    When you want to make sure your party has the perfect party atmosphere, then adding a little magic is best. Magicians are the perfect addition to even more mature events and venues for up close and personal magic and it also gives guests a unique experience as the party gets started.

    Inflatable Wands to Rising Magic Wands

    Exciting Add Ons to the Party!

    Children are loving these 2 foot long inflatable magic wands. They are easy to inflate, self sealing, strong and durable, these wands are a tons of fun. Blowing up custom balloon creation for each child never loses its popularity either.

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    We connect to kids and adults because we truly love to make everyone smile and laugh. Thanks to everyone who has shared, cared and loved our amazing show.

    What do the COMMUNITY organizations say?

    Tazara McClanaghan

    2015 - Event AWANA Kids Club, Smith Alberta

    “A brilliant entertainer! Watching the kids laugh and shriek with delight was more than I could take! Truly a wonderful time, that left me and my kids smiling for days!”



    What do our amazing party MOMS say?

    Taeya McCurdy

    2017 - Drayton Valley Alberta

    “Rodzilla came to my children’s 2nd & 4th bday party! Kids of various ages where there and they were all entertained, even the parents! He captivated their attention and held it for a long time. And now my 4 year old wants to be a magician."

    What do the KIDS say?

    Matthew 5 year old boy

    2017 - Event, Wysox Pennsylvania


    "Best night ever!!! " excitedly whispered by Matthew as he sat back down after being magnetized. "We can't wait for the next one, thanks Rodzilla, amazing job!" - Celeste Christine, MOM of Matthew

    What does the company BOSS say?

    Darryl Schmidt
    2017 - PRBI Faculty

    "Rodzilla was a huge hit with the hundreds of children that came to our carnival. His energy and engaging spirit captured and captivated the audiences. He has a gentle and patient way of interacting with the children and it is very evident that he enjoys what he does! We would gladly invite him back in the future."

    What do the Adults say?

    Dave Gaskell - Sandi 60th B-Day Celebration
    2018- Slave Lake, AB

    “A good time had by all! Rodzilla kept us entertained before, during and after the birthday meal. We totalled 80 people, ages 4 to 90, and left us asking how did he do that? He entertained with comedy, drama, and suspense. Thanks for the Great job Rodzilla!!!”

    Robyn Jewell - Birthday Bash
    2018- Drayton Valley, AB

    “What an awesome show! For my 35th birthday all my friends came over and brought their parents! Way more kids showed up then expected and then all of their moms and dads wanted to see the show too , space was a bit limited , but rodzilla rocked his show anyways . And what a fantastic show it was! He had everyone of us young and old engaged in magic and wonder . Thanks so much for coming and providing such an awesome service to our community ! We can’t wait to have rodzilla back! We really enjoyed his kids version of magic but now we are all looking forward to his adult version - he says he can guess my PIN number ;/ I can’t wait!!! See you soon rodzilla and thanks so much !”

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